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Frome Town Football Club is more than just football

Following the community meeting in October, the wheels have been turning to establish the Frome Community Benefit Society (FCBS), that will secure the future of the Badgers Hill ground and further embed the club in the hands of the community. This will not only provide a home for football in Frome and secure the site for the people of Frome, but the anticipation is that the site will be enhanced to reflect the needs of the wider community. A community benefit society is the recommended route for clubs in a similar position to that of Frome, and over the last few years more than 40 have been established across the country.

The FCBS project team, along with Frome Town AFC and Frome Town Council have also created a survey to gather your thoughts on how you would like to see the ground being used. 

Cllr Mel Usher said: “Securing the site is where we started, and keeping football at the heart of Frome, but this project could be so much more. FCBS must benefit all of the residents of Frome, so we would like your thoughts  on how the ground could be used more intensively. For example, what additional activities and facilities would you like to see? We’ve had a good response to the survey so far, but there’s still time to have your say.”  

Frome Town Football Club Chairman Derek Graham said: ‘We would urge everyone to get involved to ensure a solid foundation for the future. The best way that you can support the club is by putting your thinking caps on and giving us your ideas on what you would really like to see happen at your club.”

The ground is already going from strength to strength with the re-launch of The Clubhouse, which is open to anyone, you don’t need to be a member. With a fully stocked bar, everyone is welcome to pop by and say hello, have a drink and play some pub sports. The skittle alley has had a revamp and the venue has been host to many meetings, quizzes, parties and gigs. If you’d like to explore hiring the space for you needs, get in touch with Georgie at The Clubhouse.

There is also an opportunity to sign up to be kept up to date with next steps and, to volunteer to help so what are you waiting for? Let us know your thoughts! The short survey is open until Monday 16th January so there’s still time to submit your thoughts. You can find the survey here.

22 December 2022
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21 December 2022
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