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Frome’s Climate & Ecological Emergency Strategy

Frome Town Council has declared climate and ecological emergencies and is committed to going carbon neutral by 2030. We believe that urgent action is required if we are to reduce the massive risks associated with climate change for nature, people and the planet.

In 2019 we hosted a series of free climate panels for people to develop ideas and solutions to enable the town to meet its climate emergency targets. The panels focused on three key areas – energytransport and resources. Take a look at the presentations and read the first draft of the strategy and action plan:

It has been two years since Frome Town Council published its Climate Emergency Strategy & Action Plan. As the Climate Action Group meeting on 25th January 2022, the Resilience Team at Frome Town Council presented an update on actions against the plan and invited the community to review, prioritise and add to actions for the next year:

If you wish to provide comments or feedback, please email our Resilience Communications Officer Alex Nettle.

Frome Town Council declares Climate Emergency:

26 May 2021
Last Updated
4 February 2022