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Youth Activities

Supporting the young people of Frome to achieve their goals is an important priority for Frome Town Council.

We are working in partnership with Frome College to deliver an apprenticeship program for young people in Frome, we recently held a Youth Conference and are commissioning a range of activities in parks and open spaces to better understand how children and young people use our spaces and how they would like to see them developed.

What’s going on for young people?

In order to inform our investment in youth activities, in 2013 we commissioned research into young people’s needs which was supported by County’s Community Enablement Fund. The research was managed by Frome Town Council with project support from Mendip YMCA.

The report concludes that current provision in Frome, whilst of a good standard, is limited and not meeting all young people’s needs. The report recommended that these services should be supplemented, in particular by services close to where young people live or like to hang out.

Open access services are particularly vulnerable to service cuts but play a crucial role in maintaining ‘community cohesion’. The impact of their loss is not likely to be felt for several years and the report recommends these are protected.

The report also recommends that future Frome Town Council funding supports young people’s stated desire for places to go and things to do; supports young people’s access to activities they are interested in; encourages inter-generational relationships; maintains play provision; protects important services which may be at risk due to national and local funding cuts; and maintains the development of youth voice in decisions that affect young people.

Frome Active

To find out about youth activities in Frome take a look at the Frome Active website.

7 April 2014
Last Updated
8 February 2021