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ShopForMe volunteer shopping

Fruit section of a supermarket

ShopForMe volunteer shopping was set up during the first Coronavirus lockdown of 2020, to support individuals who cannot access online shopping, by matching them with a volunteer who could do their shopping for them.

Helping to ensure that our over 70s didn’t make unnecessary trips to the supermarket, the ShopForMe service allowed more people to isolate properly for longer and therefore ultimately support the NHS.  

Individuals wishing to access the service were matched with one of the many fantastic volunteers that came forward. The intention was for them to include bespoke shopping requests during their own food shop to minimise the number of trips made to a supermarket.

Our guidance for households requesting ShopForMe volunteer shopping

• Please remember that your volunteer is just that, a volunteer, so please be respectful.

• Your volunteer has agreed to shop for you and so the easier you can make that for them the better. Please be clear about your requests, make a list, and discuss any substitutions or allergies etc.

• Please do not ask them to panic buy for you as this request will be turned down.  Other requests such as alcohol, cigarettes and over the counter medicines are fine to make.

• Please have a conversation with your volunteer at the outset so that you are both clear before any shopping has taken place, about which payment method(s) you are proceeding with.

• Make sure you are in easy reach of your phone when you’re waiting for a delivery.

• Please don’t ask your volunteer into the house. This is for everyone’s safety.

• Your volunteer will place your shopping on the doorstep, step away to at least 2 metres from the door, then ring you to let you know the shopping has arrived and wait for you to take it indoors.

• Please wash shopping wherever possible and wash your hands after touching it. 

Risk Assessment

7 April 2020
Last Updated
17 February 2021