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Fair Frome is an independent charity (CIO) and has a new home, and is now based at Unit 7 Longacre, Marston Trading Estate, Frome, BA11 4BG.

In 2013, Frome Town Council identified a need for greater support for residents experiencing poverty and deprivation.  There are lots of ways that poverty can affect people’s lives, including differences in health, opportunities for education, chances to make the right choices and enough money to live on.

The town council commissioned an audit of local services leading to a development plan, which with the support of local benefactor led to the creation of Fair Frome.

Fair Frome is now a thriving and successful community organisation providing emergency food parcels, community dinning opportunities and a furniture bank for Frome. 

The charity delivers hands on projects, as well as working with existing organisations to build services for Frome and the surrounding areas.  The core areas of activity are:

  • Food Bank: referral scheme and open 10.00 – 13.00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  See www.fairfrome.org for further information or call 01373 488578.
  • Food at Five – provides a hot nutritious meal at 5pm on Mondays (The Mount Community Hut), Wednesdays (Frome Cricket Club) and Thursdays (Trinity Church Hall)
  • Baby Basics Bank – referral-only scheme providing baby essentials
  • Furniture Bank – this referral scheme collects and delivers furniture and household items to people referred by local support agencies and now includes white goods and small electrical items
  • Community Dining Programme – community lunches in different venues around the town during the year.
  • Campaigns – currently raising awareness around accessibility of venues in the town and working with partners to bring about improvements.
  • Fundraising – the charity relies on grants and donations to sustain projects and start new ones.  Please join the Volunteers Fundraising Team or if you have spare cash, donate to them.

Please check the Fair Frome website for their current opening hours or contact the co-ordinator for an appointment.

Weekly drop-in surgeries:

Housing enquiry drop-in sessions for individuals and couples over 25.  Homeless, facing eviction/ struggling with council tax payments.

Aster debt advice drop-in sessions for Aster tenants.

You can find out more about their work by visiting their Facebook page and their website www.fairfrome.org. Or you can call 01373 488578 or email  info@fairfrome.org.

7 April 2014
Last Updated
7 July 2023