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Orchard Plans Arrive at the Showfield

The plans for Frome’s new community orchard have been live at the Showfield as Frome Town Council asks local residents for their views on what they would like to see included.

So far consultations have taken place at the Showfield on 25th July and 26th July with the next date planned on Friday 3rd August from 2-4pm. Suggestions from those who have already stopped by, range from bee hives and benches to favourite fruit variety’s and introducing wild flower to attract insects.

The orchard was chosen by the town in the People’s Budget earlier this year and will be on the Showfield to the left of the play equipment as you look up the hill towards Selwood School.

Planting is planned for Apple Day on 21st October and will see nearly 100 trees, wildlife sanctuaries such as bee and bug houses as well as areas for people to meet and chat.

If you would like to add your ideas to the plan there are plenty of ways to get involved, either head to the Showfield on Friday, get in touch on Facebook or Twitter or fill in the online survey by 4th August here.

28 July 2018
Last Updated
19 January 2021
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