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Mendip launch draft strategy at Town Matters meeting

Wednesday’s Town Matters meeting saw a packed agenda with comprehensive updates from a number of areas of work. Cara Naden, who has been providing maternity cover for the position of Resilience Manager, gave an overview of all of the projects she has implemented over a period of seven months. These include reducing business waste, supporting the development of green businesses, increased use of renewable energy and less of carbon energy, sustainable transport and promotion of reuse and recycle. Anna Francis who has returned to her role as Resilience Manager, spoke about her plans for continuing Cara’s work and developing it into the future and the need for a more strategic and smarter approach.

The other comprehensive update came from the economic development team. Peter Wheelhouse, Economic Development and Regeneration Manager, introduced ‘Our agenda for economic development 2017/2018’ which is a document that sets out how to develop the economy with social and environment at the heart and therefore the benefit of the community.

Tom Killen, Deputy Leader of Mendip District Council and portfolio holder for economic development, gave a presentation about the ‘Mendip Economic Development Strategy 2017 – 2020’. Tom explained that the draft document was now out for consultation and encouraged as many people as possible to comment. The strategy can be viewed here http://www.mendip.gov.uk/drafteds and any comments can be emailed to economy@mendip.gov.uk

The next meeting of the Town Matters Committee will be on Wednesday 2 August.

17 June 2017
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19 January 2021
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