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Frome Town Hall to the rescue

The Town Hall will play a part in this year’s Frome Festival after all. At the time of the Festival brochure going to press it had not been ready to house any events however, now members of the public are invited to visit the Open Studios No 16 at the Town Hall.

The group listed as as Creatividad en el Sol consists of artists Rosie Hart, Celia Hart, Simon Richardson, Sabine Abraham, Amy Yates, Sarah Trustcott & Suzanne Westcott. Originally the group were in the brochure as number 16 booked into show at Sun Street Chapel however, when it became clear that this was not possible they have moved their plans to Frome Town Hall.

Councillor Kate Bielby said: “It is great to be able to use this lovely space to be able to help the disappointed artists. I am looking forward to seeing how the art works in the Council Chamber – and I hope that in future the Town Hall can become a regular venue for the Frome Festival”

The work which is an eclectic mix of painting, photography, portraiture, prints and textiles and will be visible to view throughout the week in office hours and at both weekends of the festival from 10 – 4.00pm.

Members of the public are invited to drop in and see the work. Frome Town Hall is at Christchurch Street West and will be open throughout the Frome Festival from the 8th – 16th. For Further details of the work please see the open studios website on www.fromeopenstudios.co.uk

Image of Sabine & Amy At FTC courtesy of Simon Richardson

19 June 2017
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19 January 2021
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