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Discuss & Do: The Power of Communication

On Tuesday 27th June at 6pm, Discuss & Do will host an open workshop at Sam’s Kitchen that will explore the importance of developing the brand of your organisation through marketing and communications and identify simple steps to increase its effectiveness.

This month’s session will invite industry leaders, Cathy Hackett, Alan Morden, and Hannah Morden to lead the discussion and outline how branding is much more than the use of a logo. Branding concerns the entire profile of an organisation – everything from the standards it strives toward to its reputation in the marketplace.

Hannah Morden of DNA Worldwide said, ‘Marketing and communications are key to building your brand and your business. This workshop will explore your expression of who you are and what you stand for as a business, how communication and employee engagement are critical in delivering this and what simple, practical tools you can apply.’

Organised by Frome and District Chamber of Commerce, Frome Town Council and supported by Enterprise Mendip, Discuss & Do is a free and unique programme of events in business administration to support local enterprises.

Discuss & Do is a free event but registration is essential via the following link, Book Tickets.

Contact Charlie Orr at orrc@frometowncouncil.gov.uk for more information.

16 June 2017
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16 June 2017
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