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Mayor’s Column 7th September

Some Frome ancestors had a great vision for our town… they planted trees. Not just allowing seeds on the wind to set and grow but actively introducing beautiful and useful trees around the town. Near where I live there are lots of fruit trees. There is a huge mature pear tree next-door and in the nearby school grounds there are lots of apple trees. I bet if we plotted the fruit trees across town we would see an orchard!

Frome Town Council is supporting the Woodland Trust’s Charter for Trees, Woods and People to raise awareness around the value of trees and to highlight the importance of planting new trees. We are not planting enough trees to replace those we are losing each year. Trees don’t only provide us with shade and food but they improve the air we breath, they absorb pollution and ‘breath’ out oxygen.

You can sign the Charter either on line or at the Town Hall. On the Frome Town Council website there an email link to send in your vote for your favourite tree. I’ve been trying to decide which one I love best. Think it will be the beautiful copper beech trees on West End that I can see from my bedroom. Unfortunately there is a whopping great sycamore tree growing up to block their view, can a tree be a weed?

I can’t finish without mentioning The Cheese Show that is on this weekend. When I first came to Frome the show was still in town. Schools would close and it seemed that everyone would walk up the hill to the show ground. Of course the whole event got bigger and is out of town now but it’s still a fantastic day out and you can catch a free bus from the town centre to the show ground.

8 September 2017
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23 January 2021
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