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Mayor’s column 6 January 2022

Hello and welcome to 2022! I know many of us are still living in the shadow of 2019, it does feel like that time has just upped and disappeared. But when we reflect on the last couple of years, I think many of us will remember many achievements big and small, both personally and professionally and I’d hope for many of you, creatively.

Although Christmas this year was still probably kind of strange with the threat of the Omicron variant looming over the nation (and all festivities) much like the previous year. Despite this I hope you all enjoyed a rest and the chance to unwind. The festive period can also be a time of acute loneliness and I sincerely hope none of you reading this have experienced that, but I know some of you will have.

It’s at this time of year I like to emphasise that this is the beginning of a new year with all the potential and possibilities that another year has, and it really can be what you decide to make of it. I’m hoping we all start this year strong and continue with that momentum.

2021 had been one of my busiest years yet with all manner of Mayoral responsibilities, a new job, moving into my own flat and the continued growth and success of my podcast ‘The Giant Pod with Andy Wrintmore’ (thank you) and I relished the frantic pace and nailing of all goals and tasks and look forward to 2022 being another huge year of accomplishment and productivity and I want you all to join me in this.

Accomplishment and success are of course all subjective and unique to each individual’s needs, desires and circumstances, they’re all valid, they’re all important and they’re all worthy of celebration. If you’re reading this and you’re feeling inspired to dive in and get amongst it but aren’t sure what to do, you could consider volunteering.  There’s a whole host of volunteer opportunities in Frome, for example the Litter Warriors, Noticeboard Ambassadors, Hoedowners and the team at the Discover Frome Information Point just to mention a few. And don’t forget councillors are all volunteers too, so if you’re thinking about coming for my job, anything is possible. This year ahead might hold challenges and frustrations, it might be unpredictable with peaks and troughs but we, as a town are going to continue to march on. We won’t be beaten, dissuaded, disillusioned, disheartened or dominated, we are Fromies, we know how to party, to prop each other up and how to get things done! 

Happy new year everyone, I wish you all the health, happiness and success in whatever form you hold to be most important.

6 January 2022
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6 January 2022
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