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Mayor’s column 22 March

When nature shows its power in the form of a snowstorm you have to be flexible. This weekend the performance by Frome Voices was programmed at the Cheese and Grain. The Voices choir of around 150 local singers that came together for this event were joined by singers from Murrhardt, Frome’s twinned town in Germany. A wonderful collaborative event but the snow stopped many of the British based performers, supporting the Frome choir, from arriving. Some fast thinking and magnificent supportive action resulted in what was to be the rehearsal basically becoming the performance at Christchurch. It must have been a bit disappointing and nerve wracking to make such a change but it was lovely to be part of the audience. I think the choir enjoyed things too… several performers said that though it was tricky to squeeze into the space, it was fitting to sing Brahms’ Requiem in a church.

Today I had to flip from one thing to another but there was a little ocean of calm when I visited the Toy Library. I’ve the pleasure in becoming the first sponsor of a toy for the library and of course you too can become a sponsor. Playing is a valuable and vital activity for children (and adults). The Toy Library is a great asset to the town especially when toys are costly and your never very sure what your child will be fascinated by… here is the opportunity to try a variety of toys and borrow your favourite. Playing is the way we all explore the world around us and start to gain skills. Stacking lego bricks takes hand eye coordination and perseverance, good practice for lots of things. I play mostly ‘kickball’ with a toddler every week and we teach each other to share and have fun in the simple pleasure of playing.

22 March 2018
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23 January 2021
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