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Mayor’s Column 21st October 2021

Hello again! Another big thank you to the Deputy Mayor Sara Butler for once again stepping up to the plate and writing another fantastic column while I’ve been moving into my new flat deep in the hustle and bustle of town. It’s been interesting living so close to town as I now know everyone’s business because a great deal of townsfolk can’t seem to air their dirty laundry quietly in public on a Friday and Saturday night. So, I ask you nicely to consider not arguing with your best friend/ boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/cousin/dog or indeed yourself in the middle of the road between pubs and save your debate club until you get home.

Talking of clubs, I recently had the pleasure of visiting The Gateway Club to present certificates and awards for various things such as fundraising to doing particularly well at one of the many events that pepper the Gateway Club calendar throughout the year. The Frukes, Frome’s premiere ukulele band did the honours opening up the evening with a rousing set of fun singalong classics, something I’m told they do as an annual tradition! I really enjoyed spending time with The Gateway Club and look forward to receiving another invite to come and hang out. The club provides an extremely valuable social experience and a real community for many residents, and I was impressed and heartened to hear how they had supported each other throughout the lockdowns and how important events like this one are because of the restrictions that meant, formerly, they couldn’t meet up and have their usual fun.

I would also like to give a huge welcome to the team behind Frome’s new Spanish Tapas and Deli spot ‘Lo Rapitenc’ in Cheap Street. I was invited down to try some food and have a few drinks recently and get a feel for the vibe and I have to say they are going to be a credit to the town’s culinary scene and a really impressive addition to our beloved Cheap Street. Pop your head in the door next time you’re trying not to lose a shoe in the stream and give them a warm welcome and something from your purse/wallet.

One last thing to say before I go. I recently was meant to visit the Broadway community gardens but instead my maps app took me to an allotment out past the Mount so I got that completely wrong but I did meet a woman called Fiona there who showed me around the site and gave me a really great, comprehensive tour of the place on the fly and I just wanted to shout her out for saving the morning in many ways from becoming a total write off. Sorry Broadway Gardens, I’ll come and see you soon! 

21 October 2021
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21 October 2021
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