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Mayor’s column 17 May

There comes a point when things need to change… the garden needs an overhaul, there is a worrying crack in one of the walls in the bedroom or the kids are about to leave home. What to do? How to do it? Who to ask for help? There is a great event happening at the Town Hall on Saturday, between 10 and 3, ‘Improve don’t Move’ where all of us can find some ideas and information. There will be events ranging from growing food to getting advice from local architects. The people who make the ‘tiny homes’ will also be there for those who need some temporary space or want to offer someone a home.

With all the changes going on nationally and around town: car parking issues, new houses proposed, the impact of national economics or climate change; you’d be forgiven for thinking that ‘Improve don’t Move’ is a slogan for the whole town. How can we plan for the future when change is inevitable? What sort of future do we want for our town? How can we keep what we like about the place but at the same time allow for change?

We find it easy to up-grade our phone or buy a new gadget to make life easier in the garden or kitchen. To scale up that sort of thinking to look at what is needed across the town doesn’t come easy, we tend to resist this sort of change. Accommodating to change can be the hardest thing to do but once used to the difference, you often wonder how you managed before.

After next Wednesday some changes will be happening in my life,  I’ll no longer be Mayor. But I’m not leaving town or stopping being a councillor… time to think of some personal improvements!

17 May 2018
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23 January 2021
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