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Mayor’s column 15 October 2020

I’m back in the saddle this week and it’s been pretty busy! One of the areas I’m most passionate about is making sure there are opportunities for training in the workplace, to enable as many people as possible to be skilled up ready for work. Frome Town Council set up the Vocational Training Group last September to identify and improve training and skill development opportunities in and around Frome.

The group is formed of representatives from training providers including Somerset Skills & Learning (SS&L), ASK/ SkillUp Somerset, Edventure, Frome Community Education, Bath College, Strode College, and Wiltshire College. They’re working together to promote the new Kickstart scheme which provides funding to employers to create new 6-month job placements for young people aged 16–24 years old who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment.  I’m so pleased to be working with this group and hearing about all the ideas and developments that are in the pipeline. There’s so much out there and this group is ensuring that no opportunity is missed!

Following the success of last year, Fiver Fest is on 15th -17th October. Local independent shops and businesses are bringing Fiver Fest to Frome’s streets with plenty of special offers for just £5. Numerous organisations have already signed up, and there are many more eager to get involved to highlight the diversity and value of their offer. www.discoverfrome.co.uk/frome-fiver-fest

Fair Housing for Frome is also busy getting involved in many more areas to offer solutions for those who are struggling with evictions, rent issues and the like. There’s a plan to set up regular features on Frome FM, as well as setting up a table in the Westway Precinct again soon, handing out leaflets on homelessness, lodging and renting, landlords and tenants etc. That’ll be coming up on Saturday 24th October and will be aiming to capture people’s thoughts on homelessness and talk about some of the issues people are facing. I hope you can come on down to join us.

Don’t forget that the new ‘recycle more’ campaign begins at the end of October. The new recycling containers – the Bright Blue Bags – will be delivered to homes across the district from Monday 12 Oct. The ‘Recycle More is coming soon’ leaflets arriving this week too, so you can start to understand the forthcoming changes. For more information on what to recycle and when, check out the website: https://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/recycle-more/

Have a good week, stay safe, and look after each other.

15 October 2020
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23 January 2021
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