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Frome Town Council adopts anti-hate statement

Amnesty International recently started a campaign to ask people to approach their local council to stand against hate. Frome Town Council has always and will always do everything in its power to make people safe and welcome in our town.

Mendip District Council, has unanimously adopted the following statement below and Frome Town Council similarly approved it unanimously at its meeting on 13 July.

“This Council deplores and condemns hate incidents and hate crimes. Such acts are totally unacceptable and undermine tolerance and diversity. I am proud of this Authority’s record of treating individuals as unique and valuing their differences. I am proud that we treat people with respect. I am proud that we have a culture of acceptance and inclusion.”

What is a hate crime?

A ‘hate crime’ is a criminal offence which has been motivated by some form of prejudice or hate.

Hate crimes and incidents can be motivated by prejudice about:

Disability (including physical disabilities, sensory impairments, learning disabilities and mental health issues).

Gender identity (including resentment of transgender people, transsexuals and transvestites).

Race, skin colour, ethnic origin, nationality (including against gypsies and travellers).

Religion and faith (or lack of religious belief).

Sexual orientation (including homophobia).

For further information, please contact the Town Clerk Paul Wynne admin@frometowncouncil.gov.uk

If you have experience any form of hate crime, please report it to the local police authority. You can find further advice here on the Avon and Somerset Police website https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/advice/threats,-assault-and-hate-crime/hate-crime/

19 July 2016
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19 January 2021
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