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Frome 2030

We hope that you enjoyed the Frome Vision 2030 wraparound in the Frome Times, which imagined a brighter future, one where we’re better connected to one another, as well as to nature. A future where our children are healthier, our air is cleaner and where we have a better relationship with our food and our local economy.

The stories in the wraparound may seem a long way off, but they are based on changes already happening. Campaigns to clean up the River Frome are planning to reach bathable status by 2030. Schemes to reduce car usage are in place, from car sharing, School Streets and active travel. Solar panels are being fitted in community bulk-buy projects, trees are being planted all over, and some of Frome’s schools have incredible allotments of home-grown veg.

The Frome community is full of people working hard to make changes, whether they are walking and cycling more, switching to sustainable banks and energy companies, eating more plants or insulating their homes. Here are some of the ways that you can get involved.

The Frome 2030 vision wraparound was a Frome Town Council project delivered in partnership with Edventure: Frome and Sustainable Frome.

10 November 2021
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10 November 2021
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