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Picking up dog poo in Frome, why bother?

Here in Frome we have a high number of dog owners. It’s a labour of love, and tidying up after your dog has made its mark on the pavement or one of our lovely parks is all part of the fun. Most owners are conscientious and make every effort to keep Frome clean, but as we know, that’s not everyone. We all know it’s not nice, but here are some additional facts about canine waste that might make some think twice about turning a blind eye.

It doesn’t decompose as quickly as you might think

Dog poo might look like a natural product, but is often far from it. Most shop bought foods contain high levels of preservatives, which remain throughout digestion the digestion process, slowing decomposition drastically. Tests have shown that a single poo can last for over a year, so unless you pick it up, it’s not going anywhere fast.

You CAN use regular litter bins

There’s no need to carry that smelly burden around with you until you see a “dog poo” bin, or worse, leave it on the floor because there isn’t one around. It may seem like a strange place to put animal waste normal litter bins are fine. Just bag it up and chuck it in – it’s far better than leaving it behind.

It’s bad for our waterways

Left anywhere near a river or stream, rainfall will eventually introduce it to waterways, where it creates nutrients for algae, stopping the sunlight from penetrating the water’s surface and resulting in a lack of oxygen, not at all good for the delicate ecosystems. Protect the River Frome!

Health Indicator

The quality of your canine pal’s poo is a huge indicator to internal health. It may be the first (or only) sign of some upset or long-term illness. Your pup may appear happy and healthy, but a bad stool can tell otherwise. You’re not going to notice alarming differences, let alone subtle changes if you don’t take a look. Picking it up is the perfect way to do this.

It’s dangerous

Dog poo is a breeding ground for diseases such as giardia and E.coli. Also, eggs laid by the Roundworm parasite can survive in soil for may years even after the poop has been removed. If ingested, these eggs can hatch into larvae and cause toxocariasis, which can cause serious inllness. Because of the way they play, children are most likely to be infected. They may only have to play with soil which once had dog poo on it, and still contains active eggs. For this reason, it’s incredibly important we pick up poo straight away.

Frome Town Council is passionate about poop

Making sure it finds its way into a bin that is… that’s why we now provide disposal bags. We know everybody gets caught short sometimes, so if you find yourself the victim of forgetfulness, call in to the Town Hall and grab a poo bag on us. You’re welcome.

Why not ask another owner?

Talk to each other! If you’ve forgotten to take a bag with you, don’t forget that somebody else may have a spare, and will probably be very happy to see it going to good use. Hey, you might even make a friend.A final thought, if you can’t bear to get up close and personal with your doggy’s doo-doo – nobody else is likely to want the job either. Don’t pass the responsibility on.

Fouling is always the responsibility of the owner. We’d like to think it’s down to apathy and indifference, rather than malicious intent. So – share this information to get the word out, and remind people why dog mess is more than just a nuisance.

23 January 2018
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23 January 2018
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