Banner Display procedure

If you would like to advertise a business or an event by attaching a banner to street furniture or across the highway in Frome, you must first seek permission from Somerset County Council.

If you would like to hang a banner between the buildings where Subway and Superdrug are located you will first need to seek the permission of Frome Town Council before making an application to Somerset County Council. We welcome applicants from both businesses and community groups however cannot accommodate requests for general business advertisements, only events. Please contact us on 01373 465757 or

Please note that the Christmas Lights will be hung between Subway and Superdrug during November and we expect them to be taken down during the first week of January (exact dates to be confirmed), therefore we cannot accommodate any requests during this time.

Visit the Somerset County Council website to find out about requesting permission to hang a banner or flags (including Christmas decorations) across the highway. If you would like to apply for permission please head to the Somerset County Council website to download the application form.

Somerset County Council (Mendip Office) can be contacted on or 0300 123 2224

Please be aware that if you erect a banner without the correct permission it may well be removed without warning.

Last checked April 2020.