Street Care & Cleaning

MDC LOGOMendip District Council (MDC) is responsible for almost all of the street cleaning and maintenance in Frome.

There is a comprehensive and detailed contract in place to cover this service – and this contract is delivered by The Landscape Group (TLG).  TLG’s team is out every day keeping the town clean.

MDC’s Operational Assets & Contracts team manages and oversees this contract.

MDC’s Contract – What you can expect

MDC’s contract refers to Defra’s Code of Practice on Litter & Refuse, published in April 2006.

Find this document here: defra Code of Practice on Litter & Refuse

Or read on for a summary.

In summary

MDC’s contract uses Defra’s Grades of cleanliness in setting the standards for the town.

The four Grades (A to D) are defined on page 14 of the Code, with example photographs on pages 16 & 17.

Grade A – no litter or refuse; no detritus
Grade B – Predominantly free of litter & refuse; predominantly free of detritus
Grade C – Widespread distribution of litter and/or refuse; widespread distribution of detritus
Grade D – Heavily affected by litter and/or refuse; heavily affected by detritus

The important grades here are A & B – and the aim is that everywhere in Frome is clean & tidy to Grade A as much as possible.

Inevitably though, there are times that streets & areas fall below Grade A. This is acknowledged in Defra’s Code and recognised in MDC’s contract.

As such MDC’s contract requires that everywhere is at Grade A immediately after cleaning; and that the entire town is kept at Grade B or higher at all times.

Grades C & D are unacceptable at any time.

Bringing areas back up to standard

When streets and areas fall below Grade A, TLG’s team is contracted to bring these areas back up to this standard.

This will happen within half a day for High Intensity of Use areas; within one day (by 6pm the next day) for Medium Intensity of Use areas and within 14 days for Low Intensity of Use areas.

Areas with Special Circumstances can take between 14 days and half a day.

Area categories

High Use Medium Use Low Use Special Circumstances
Busy public areas: the town centre; shopping areas; central car parks & associated streets Everyday areas, including residential areas Light-use areas that don’t impact on most people most of the time Areas where other considerations like safety & practicability influence work, like the town’s car parks
Within half a day Within a day Within 14 days Up to 14 days

What this all means on the ground

  • Bins – will be emptied “regularly” and kept clean “inside and out”; most bins will be emptied at least weekly. Bins in the town centre will be emptied daily, including weekends.
  • Sweeping & Cleaning – All areas will meet the Grade A standard “immediately following” works; and all areas will meet Grade B standard “at all times”; this means daily sweeps & cleaning round the town centre and Grade A by 8pm.
  • Weeds – Everywhere in Frome should be “substantially fee from unwanted weeds and pests”; weed management tends to take place across the spring & summer.
  • Fly-posting – Illegal fly-posting will be removed “as soon as is practical – and “not later than 7 days” from when it’s either reported or noted.
  • Fly-tipping – Reported fly-tipping wil be cleared and removed within “three working days”; additionally regular collections take place up Gypsy Lane.
  • Graffiti – Abusive, offensive and racially-motivated graffiti will be removed “within one working day” on Mendip District Council property only.

Questions & Problems

Please contact Mendip District Council directly with any queries and to report any problems, including streets and areas falling below standard:

0300 303 8588

You can also use apps like FixMyStreet to report problems.

Find out more at

Last checked April 2020.