Make a planning application

Is planning permission required and how do I make a planning application?

Mendip District Council is the Local Planning Authority, whilst the town council is happy to give advice you should always check with Mendip District Council if planning permission is required. For more information and visit the Mendip District Council visit the Mendip District Council webpage to learn more about whether you need to make a planning application.

A planning application should be submitted directly to Mendip District Council either in hard copy of via the planning portal using this link:

For information on what should be included, the fees and to download copies of the application forms and guidance notes visit Mendip’s web page:

How can Frome Town Council help?

The town council welcomes and encourages residents and developers talking to them prior to submitting a planning application. If you have any questions about planning, please come and talk to us. If we can help we will, if not we can point you in the right direction.

Last checked April 2020.