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Commenting on planning applications

How do I comment on an application?

Letters of objection or support should be sent directly to the planning officer at Somerset Council. Comments can be submitted online or in writing and you should always quote the planning reference number. Visit the Somerset planning pages for more information.

Where can I see a copy of the plans?

You can review a summary of each representation made on planning applications and view some of the planning history for properties and related development constraints.

You can find information about planning applications, including application forms, plans and decisions using the planning search facility on Somerset’s website.

A hard copy of the plans can also be viewed at the Town Hall, we only keep them for a short period of time, so it’s best to ring and check that we have them.

How can I campaign against an application?

Many people often feel they should do more than just write to the planning officer to object to an application, particularly for larger applications where lots of residents will be affected. The Planning Committee is keen to work with residents and help them set up a campaign group and work with them on setting out their objections, publicity and liaising with the planning officer.

Who actually makes the decision?

Somerset Council are the Local Planning Authority and they make the decisions. For more detailed information on the process visit the Somerset Council website.

24 October 2015
Last Updated
14 April 2023