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The Mayor’s Column

Mayor’s Column 23rd June 2022
Summer is perfect for a season of fetes, fun days and festivals here in Frome.
Mayor’s Column 9 June 2022
Hi everyone, and welcome to my latest update. It surely is an eventful time to be starting my…
Mayor’s column 26 May 2022
Hello everyone and welcome to my first column as the new Mayor. It’s an incredible honour and a…
Final Mayor’s column 12 May 2022
So here it is, my final Mayor’s Column! I’d like to start off by saying how much I’ve…
Mayor’s Column 21st April 2022
Catch up on my penultimate Mayor’s Column.
Mayor’s column 31 March 2022
In my last column I wrote about the collective efforts across the town including Frome Town Council, to…
Mayor’s column 17 March 2022
I normally start these columns with shock at how quickly this has come around again but I’ve been…
Mayor’s column 3 March 2022
These columns come around faster than storm Eunice! I hope you’re all well and that the recent howling…
Mayor’s column 17 February 2022
Hey folks, after a slow Mayoral start to 2022 things are picking up and the chains are starting…
Mayor’s column 3 February 2022
Thank goodness that January is over, why does it always feel like it’s the longest month of the…
Mayor’s Column 20th January 2022
How’s 2022 treating you? Read what the Mayor’s been up to at the beginning of this year.
Mayor’s column 6 January 2022
Hello and welcome to 2022! I know many of us are still living in the shadow of 2019,…

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