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Hints and tips for staying safe in the colder weather

Here are some hints and tips for staying safe in the colder snaps, plus some useful information about who does what in Frome during winter.

Winter tends to mean colder weather including snow and ice, which means that it’s worth taking extra care when you’re out and about at this time of year – whether that’s on your commute to work or an afternoon in the park.

In the same way that lots of organisations work together to keep the town clean, there are lots of people involved in keeping the town as accessible and safe as possible in winter.

Who does what

Somerset County Council (SCC)

SCC is responsible for the highway winter service in Somerset. With a few exceptions, this means they grit and maintain the highways in Somerset, including most of the roads in and around Frome. The notable exceptions are the M5, the A303 and the A36 – these are maintained by the Highways Agency, Highways England

You can find out more about SCC’s work over the winter months at www.somerset.gov.uk

SCC are also responsible for keeping most of the town clean and tidy – including clearing fallen leaves from the pavements. This work is currently contracted out to idverde.

As part of the same contract, idverde also deliver a snow clearance service that includes precautionary salting and gritting of SCC’s car parks as well as town footpaths and pavements.

Frome Town Council (FTC)

We look after most of Frome’s parks and green spaces. In winter, our priority is to make the key paths and routes in these spaces as safe as possible as quickly as possible. We’ll also look to support the County Council and MDC in particularly bad weather if priorities for the town change.

General Hints & Tips

  • Don’t assume that roads, footpaths and public spaces have been gritted
  • Allow yourself more time for your journeys, even quick trips to the local shop
  • Check the weather before leaving the house
  • …and plan your journey ahead of time if the weather is going to be challenging
  • Dress for the weather – warm and waterproof! And take extra layers with you in the car or in a bag just in case
  • If you’re walking or cycling then wear sensible and suitable footwear. If you’re driving somewhere, have a sensible pair of shoes or boots spare
  • Check bus and train timetables for cancellations and delays
  • Check the latest travel news for trains
  • Or contact the local Bus service providers FIRST and FARESAVER 
  • Follow @TravelSomerset on Twitter for winter weather updates and gritting decisions

Getting involved

Clearing snow and ice from the pavement outside your home or in public spaces can help prevent slips and falls:

Salt, grit and sand

The salt and grit in the bins around the town is there to be used.

Please remember that it’s only intended for use on public areas, highways and footpaths, though. If you use it on private land – like your driveway – then you could be breaking the law.

The material in grit bins will be sand or crushed rock salt.

If you do have to use some, start sparingly – a little goes a long way:

  • Carefully spread, a handful should treat an area of nearly 5 square metres
  • And the equivalent of a bag of sugar will cover 25 square metres – three car parking spaces

Then… give it time to work.

It won’t magically melt the ice and snow straight away – and it may need to be walked in or driven on to start working.

Requests for new grit bins

Contact us if you’d like to request a new grit bin in Frome.

But please note that we have a fixed budget for street furniture each year, so we’ll consider a variety of criteria when we look at your request.

This will include where the nearest grit bin is already.

Winter Warmth Packs

We are currently in the middle of an energy price surge with winter approaching and the temperature now dropping below zero. Frome Town Council and Frome Renewable Energy Co-operative have joined together through the Healthy Homes project to provide winter warmth packs for anyone in Frome struggling to stay warm.

The pack contains a black scarf, hat, gloves, thermal blanket & socks, a thermos mug and information on how to access advice and support.

If you know someone who could benefit from a pack or if you would like one yourself, please visit the reception at Frome Town Hall (Monday-Friday 9am – 4:30pm). Or pop along to either the Talking Cafes or Talking Benches run by Health Connections Mendip.

Concerns about rough sleepers

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough on the streets, there are some local organisations that can give advice and support. Find out more on our Help for rough sleepers in Frome page.

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