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Car Sharing is Caring

Two people loading bags into the boot of a car, which has 'your car when you need it' written on the bumper. 

Caption reads 'Your community car, to use when you need to'

Many people are looking for cheaper ways to travel, but find it tricky to imagine going completely car free. This is why Frome is the proud home of two Co-Wheels car share cars. These cars are pay-as-you-go, meaning you only pay for the time you use it.

Car sharing means you save many of the costs associated with running a car, from insurance, fuel, breakdown cover, servicing, road tax and more. You can also save the hassle of searching for a space to park with priority bay parking at the Town Hall and on Alexandra Road.

All you pay to use the cars is a sign-up fee, and then £5.95 an hour and 22p per mile driven. For most people this means your car-based costs are cheaper. In Frome, you can even use the promo code WAYTOGO code when you sign-up to get £20 of free driving credit.

Cllr Fiona Barrows said, “Car sharing can be transformative. It encourages you to use active methods of travel where ever possible, whilst knowing that a car is available when you really need one. It’s a great option for households wanting to reduce from two cars down to one, and can save you a lot of money.”

Frome currently has two cars available for use, and Co-Wheels are keen to add a third if Frome’s usage goes up.

For more information and to sign up to Co-Wheels, head to www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/co-wheels-frome/

Frome’s community travel support doesn’t stop there, with Sustainable Frome’s Community Drivers scheme helping to bring community-based affordable transport to those who are unable to transport themselves. And for those who want to get out of the car altogether, the Cycle Together scheme offers sign-ups the chance to borrow an ebike for a month, learn how it can fit into their normal lives, alongside some road awareness training sessions.

To find out more about Frome’s sustainable transport options, head to www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/sustainable-transport/

4 November 2022
Last Updated
2 November 2022
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