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Selwood Garden Community planning meeting

In place of November’s scheduled Planning Committee meeting on Thursday 24th November, Frome Town Council will now host a specific meeting to discuss the Selwood Garden Community development at Frome Town Hall from 7pm – 9pm.

Matthew Kendrick from Grass Roots Planning will present the Selwood Garden Community proposals. This will be followed by presentations/representations from other interested bodies. A  Q&A will then be hosted to allow discussion from the audience and Cllrs.

As background to the meeting, following a public consultation in October 2020, Land Value Alliances (LVA) submitted outline plans in August 2021 for the Selwood Garden Community (SGC) development on the southern edge of Frome. A decision on the initial plans was delayed in April 2022 and subsequent plans have since been submitted for consideration.

Cllr Steve Tanner, Chair of the Planning Committee, said: “We always we aim to seek to a balanced view from residents for all major applications. We have seen the numerous objections on the planning portal and will of course take these into account. We would also like to hear from those who feel the application could be beneficial to the town either through provision of infrastructure or affordable and market housing, as heard and also seen via comments on social media.

Please join us, the debate is always safe and inclusive and everyone is welcome to come along, listen and have their say.

This meeting will inform the Planning Committee’s recommendation which will be considered by Council in December – There are limited seats so booking early is advised. We will also be streaming the meeting and attendees can join online.”

Please get in touch with Jane Llewellyn, Planning Manager at Frome Town Council, if you wish to present at the meeting.

An additional Planning Committee meeting will take place on Monday 28th November to discuss all the other planning applications that have been received.

To book your place visit: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/frometowncouncil/788684

If you are attending online, a zoom link will be emailed to you.

3 November 2022
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20 December 2022
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