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Calling all recycling champions – Frome needs you

Frome Town Council is supporting the town to encourage and enable neighbours to recycle more.

At the second ‘Talking Rubbish’ meeting last month, local resident Nicola Tanner shared her idea to set up a network of recycling champions. Now Frome Town Council is inviting anyone interested in getting involved to come along to the Town Hall on Tuesday 22 January at 7pm to put this idea into action.

Cllr Mark Dorrington said, “The last rubbish meeting was full of great ideas about how to encourage and support recycling in Frome, from linking with schools to holding street plastic waste collections for the recycling centre. Becoming a recycling champion will help to ensure that as a town we recycle as much as possible.”

Nick Cater from Somerset Waste Partnership, who collect Frome’s household rubbish and recycling, talked about what they offer, plans to collect all plastic in future and how the recycling is treated.

One of the ways recycling champions can really make a difference is to encourage more people to put their food waste out for collection which is then used to make green electricity.

Another suggestion from the first Talking Rubbish meeting was to have a team of ‘Litter Warriors’ who organise weekly litter picks. If you would like to get involved in this please email info@frometowncouncil.gov.uk

If you are passionate about recycling and making a difference for our environment then please attend the Recycling Champion meeting on Tuesday 22 January at 7pm.

10 January 2019
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19 January 2021
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