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Behind the scenes Performing Arts Panel – June meeting

Frome Town Council’s Performing Arts Panel has, over the past two months, brought together over 80 local performers, venues and enthusiasts. The panels aim is to create a discussion around Frome’s performing arts scene, listen to common concerns and find practical ways to support the performing arts in the local area.

The next session in the series of meetings takes place at 7pm on Thursday 9 June at Rook Lane Chapel. This time it’s the turn of Industry Professionals, from the people behind the scenes that make things sound good and work efficiently – through to those that promote events and produce publicity, along with Artist managers and record labels. This also includes venues that promote events and people that hire out equipment.

Artists and performers can also attend along with other venues and anyone else with an interest in the performing arts in Frome and the surrounding area. The Town Council really want people to join in the conversation and so far these panels have had a wonderful energy and great support. To actually achieve some goals means including everyone in the business, whether they are professionals or just enthusiastic part-timers, everyone is welcome to have their say.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Al O’Kane, who is leading the panel says: ‘It’s been so inspiring to see such a range of people talking about things they’re so passionate about! Frome is full of brilliant and creative people and I’m confident that with their help we can draw practical outcomes from these meetings and create a more harmonious and successful local performing arts scene where even more people have a chance to get involved. But this can only happen if people come along! I’d urge anyone with an interest in the performing arts to be part of this unique opportunity and join in the conversation. As a performer myself I know how crucial it is to have great sound, lighting, direction, promotion and a supportive network and community. This month’s panel is an important one as everyone relies on the professionals behind the scenes and the people who make things happen. Frome is quite a centre for PA and sound people, lighting companies, set designers and other key skills in the industry.’

If you would like to get involved, come along to Rook Lane Chapel 7-9pm on 9 June. Anyone is welcome to come along, particularly those with a link to the performing arts industry. Contact Laura Parry on parryl@frometowncouncil.gov.uk for more information.

30 May 2016
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19 January 2021
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