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Appeal for a Defibrillator for Frome’s Victoria Park

This week Frome Tennis Club launched an appeal for a defibrillator in Frome’s Victoria Park. They are highlighting their campaign to install one by the public gate on the outside of the community tennis courts on the Mary Baily Field. This is where public tennis is played, the MUGA and skateboard park are situated, and it is also close to the tennis club. The area is also used by Avanti Park School, Frome Park Bowling Club is nearby, and many other various activity groups use the Mary Baily Field.

The current nearest defibrillator is at the Frome Fire Station.

John Price says “If you jog there and back it would take about 8 minutes. And we know that defibrillation is the only method to treat someone in cardiac arrest. Every minute that a person in Sudden Cardiac Arrest does not receive defibrillation, their chances of survival drops by 7-10% – We hope that nobody ever needs to use it, but by fundraising for a defibrillator in Mary Baily, we hope that we can really save lives”. 

Currently, highly subsidised defibrillators (including the locked case) are available from the Department of Health and Social Care for a contribution of just £750. Installation will cost around £250 so Frome Tennis have appealed to raise £1,000 to install one. Frome Town Council and Frome Park Bowling Club have already contributed £400 so there is £600 left to reach the target of £1000.

Please help save someone’s life by visiting: https://localgiving.org/appeal/fromeparkdefib

24 October 2023
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24 October 2023
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