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Green Breather Days

Illustration depicting a busy pedestrianised Frome Market Place, including a tram, trees bearing fruit, urban gardens, community fridges, a repair shop and Boyle Cross as a drinking fountain

Frome’s Green Breather Days are launching on the 21st of May to help cut air pollution in the town centre and to encourage people to explore how these spaces could be used as a new public area. The Green Breather Days are a series of Saturdays between May and September where Frome’s town centre is pedestrianized, encouraging people to explore the town centre by foot, boost support for local businesses and reduce Frome’s air pollution.

21st May – Pop-Up Forest

As a means to demonstrate how different the town centre can be, forty-five trees will be placed across the closure zone, creating Frome’s newest park. People are invited to come and explore the space, grab some food from a local business, and enjoy the tranquillity of an urban forest.

18th June – Sustainable Public Transport & Street Games

Frome town centre will be visiting by the Big Lemon bus, a Brighton-based bus powered purely by solar. Alongside local campaigners, the day will provide a view of a solar-powered future. There will also be a series of street games to keep everyone entertained.

23rd July – Pop-up Play

Adventure and non-fixed play specialists Woodland Tribe and Super Roots will be working together to turn Frome town centre into an exciting new play area for kids.

20th August – Performing Arts

A day to celebrate the joy of music, dance and theatre.

17th September – Cycling

To coincide with the Cycling Festival and the Great Big Green Week, this event will celebrate the various joys that can come from bikes, old or new.

Consultation & FAQs

On Thursday the 10 February we met with residents and businesses to hear their ideas and concerns around the Green Breather Day proposals. View the meeting summary and recording:

The Green Breather Days are planned to be run on: 21st May, 18th June, 23rd July, 20th August, 17th September 2022

Please contact Alex Nettle on anettle@frometowncouncil.gov.uk to find out more.

27 January 2022
Last Updated
5 May 2022