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Mayor’s Column 23rd June 2022

Hi everyone, and welcome to my latest news.

It feels like summer is really getting into its stride now, with lots of sunny weather, perfect for a season of fetes, fun days and festivals here in Frome.

I recently spent a Saturday afternoon in Victoria Park for the Carnival Fun Day fundraiser, which was a lot of fun. Those who know me know that I don’t need an excuse for glitter, but there was one waiting right there, so I took the chance to get sparkly before I had a wander around. Thanks to the Carnival Committee plenty of stalls had set up selling everything from plants to hair wraps to sweeties, and there were plenty of opportunities for games and activities, plus lots of food and drink on offer. A definite highlight was the Star Wars crew in full regalia; they must have been baking!

I love music and singing, so another great visit I made was to a Golden Oldies singing session run by Songs for the Memory, for older people and those suffering with Dementia. It was great to hear about the work they do, and to see the difference that a good old sing song can make to people. Requests ranged from Queen to Abba to Harold Lloyd, so there was something to make everyone smile, and there were some very happy faces by the end of it.

As a gardener this is a really busy time of year for me, and the dry weather is certainly making me put in some extra hours. This is especially the case since we have Hidden Gardens coming up as part of the Frome Festival, and a couple of the gardens I work in will be open to the public so the countdown to get them into tip top shape is on. It’s one of my favourite events in the Festival, since I also really love having a nose around other people’s gardens and getting ideas and inspiration.

Wildlife is at the centre of my gardening philosophy, so I’m particularly excited about the latest Wild about Frome initiative that the Wild Bunch are organising. They are encouraging us to leave a little bit of our garden to go wild to allow wildflowers and wildlife to thrive this summer. They have stickers and stakes available to pick up from the Town Hall so you can pop in your garden to support the initiative and encourage neighbours and passers-by to join in too. More information can be found on www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/wild-bunch

So, to finish this week, I hope you can all enjoy this warm weather, but I also want to acknowledge that these are tough times for many people. Our town is recognised widely for the strength of our community and support networks so if you’re struggling, please do reach out.

23 June 2022
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23 June 2022
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