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Wild about Sharing

During lockdown many of us have taken to our gardens and started to cultivate, whether it’s a veggy patch or borders, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching tomatoes ripen and sweet peas bloom.

Wild about sharing box in Victoria park with nature activity listsAs an outcome, Frome Town Council’s (FTC) Rangers have had lots of people in the town contact them to suggest some seed swap boxes for the summer.

They loved the idea and sprung into action, they’ve expanded it a little bit to create Wild about Sharing, and have hand made three boxes using lots of upcycled materials.

Initially the three Wild about Sharing boxes can be found in Victoria Park, Welshmill, and at the Old Showfield. And as the name suggests, they’re for sharing and swapping things that you don’t need or want – so if you see something you like, you’re free and welcome to take it.

Cllr Sara Butler said: “Its such a great idea, with seeds being the natural by-product of all your hardwork in the gardens and allotments, what better way to pass these on so someone else who can also enjoy in the area they nurture. It’s all about reduce, reuse and recycle; these boxes are a great addition, not only for seeds but also, once you’ve finished a book, why not pass that on for someone else to enjoy.”

Things we’re wild about sharing:

  • labelled seeds and plants
  • books and small toys in good condition

All the Rangers ask is that you don’t leave anything too big or heavy, and if you’re leaving or swapping something and the box is full, please either take something to make space or come back another time (please don’t leave things outside the box!).

At the moment, FTC also recommend good hand hygiene whether you’re sharing or taking things; and you might want to think about cleaning things that you take if that’s practical.

The boxes are being trialled at the moment, and if successful may be rolled out to further locations across the town.

Published 31st July 2020

31 July 2020
Last Updated
19 January 2021
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