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What’s next for the Town Council 2015/16

The last 12 months has been another whirlwind of activity for the town and the Town Council.

Many thanks to all the Council’s staff who have worked incredibly hard! We would also like to say a huge thanks to the many, many community groups, organisations and individuals who make the town a more exciting and diverse place to live, work and play.

Highlights for the Town Council have included:

Significant areas of land that have been transferred to the Town Council, like that of The Dippy and more recently the Old Showfield and we’re looking to work with members of the community to improve them. These, along with all the other areas of land we own, are maintained by a completely new team of Town Rangers who are already making a mark on the town.

‘ The Otherside’ – a new path linking the Button Bridge to the Welshmill weir – was opened; there is a new MUGA at the Mary Baily playingfield and work has started on three new tennis courts.

Frome Town Hall – bought back from the County earlier this year is also another highlight.

2015/16 saw the first full year of the revamped Cheese and Grain, funded by the Council. It looks good and is really flourishing, doubling its footfall and massively increasing the already diverse usage of the venue. Same too for Fair Frome, set up and funded by the Town Council, the volunteers, trustees and staff have distributed nearly 10 tonnes of donated food from the Foodbank, and they plan for 2016 to expand what they can offer the community.

This year, we funded partnerships with the Health Centre to help appoint Health Champions and Frome College for work on new apprenticeships. During the year we have grant aided many different local organisations such as the Frome Festival, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Frome Carnival.

We have also worked closely with Freco and, during the year, large photovoltaic cells were installed at the Health Centre and the Football Club. The four car electric car club was launched. We also part funded the Share Shop in town to get it off the ground. The shop has attracted interest nationally and for Christmas a Share voucher has been launched!

The themed Panel system, rather than the usual committees, has encouraged more individuals and groups in the town to get involved.

Some things we got a bit off beat. Too few flowers in town (yes, we heard that one!), a wet and windy Christmas Extravaganza that was not to everyone’s taste and some misreading of local wishes around Victoria Park. But…the town did win the National Great Town Award against stiff opposition and the Town Council also won “Star Council of the Year” out of 9,500 other councils.

Next Year….

We are looking to make progress around the Boyle Cross as the first phase of making the Market Place more pedestrian friendly.

Frome Town Hall will start to come together and the aim is to have the works near complete by ……..Most of the space will provide new offices and venues for various local groups as well as the Town Council – and the building will become a resource for the whole town.

On behalf of all the Cllrs and Staff at FTC, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mayor Kate Bielby

Town Clerk Paul Wynne

23 December 2015
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23 December 2015
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