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Frome Town Council is to launch Crowdfund Frome with £25,000 to pledge on local projects

Frome Town Council will launch Crowdfund Frome, on the UK’s #1 crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunder, in January 2017 and wants to hear from local community organisations interested in raising money through crowdfunding.

crowdfunderv4-copyFrome Town Council has set aside £25,000 to provide match funding to pledge on projects from not for profit organisations which will benefit the people of Frome. Eligible projects include those which build a flourishing and active community, increase environmental sustainability or help with prosperity across the town – and could attract a pledge from the town council of up to £5,000.

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money from the community around you. You add your project to Crowdfunder, set a funding target, explain what you want to do with the money – and offer rewards in return for pledges of cash. A reward can be a product, benefit, service or simply a ‘thank you’.

Crowdfund Frome was developed in a new partnership between Frome Town Council and Crowdfunder. Any local charity, business, social enterprise or individual can use Crowdfund Frome to raise funds from supporters. It is also a new way for not for profit groups to access grant funding from the town council.

If your project meets Frome Town Council’s eligibility criteria, you could secure a pledge from the Council, when your crowdfund is successful.

“We believe this pioneering partnership between Frome Town Council and Crowdfunder will be of real benefit to our town. Not only will it stretch our grant funding that much further, it’s a great platform for local innovation and entrepreneurship,” Cllr. Kate Bielby

Andrew Denham, Director of Frome’s The Bicycle Academy, which raised £40,000 in six days on Crowdfunder said, “I was only able to launch The Bicycle Academy thanks to the trust and support of over 170 people who pledged money in return for products and services once I opened the business. Having successfully reached my startup funding goal I was able to provide every backer with their crowdfunding reward just months after first launching the campaign. Nearly 5 years later The Bicycle Academy now employs 8 people, brings people from across the world into the town each week and has won numerous business and industry awards.”

“Crowdfund Frome gives local residents the opportunity to support the projects that are close to their heart,” said Crowdfunder Director and Co Founder, Dawn Bebe. “By showing their support for specific projects, local residents can send a signal to Frome Town Council about which projects they think should receive funding. I’d encourage any project interested to register their interest early to secure the best support possible.”

Local not for profit projects interested on raising funding with Crowdfund Frome, should register their interest on: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/frome from mid-November.   If your project could be eligible for a pledge from the Town Council, the Town Council will get in touch to discuss your idea and support you with coaching and advice so that you can develop the best campaign possible.

15 November 2016
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19 January 2021
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