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The Peoples Budget: Events 2019 results are in! 

The results are in for the People’s Budget Events 2019. The 532 Frome residents cast their votes on 7 local events, each organised by Frome groups hoping for a slice of the £25,000 budget.

The hopeful events were Frome Children’s Festival looking for activities for their summer event;  Frome FM with a Choral Festival; Working Memories Sound Walk of Frome; Fair Housing for Frome and their big red bus which will travel around to find out the true picture of housing in Frome; Active & In Touch with a thanksgiving project;  Window Wanderland looking to repeat their amazing displays from the last two years; and Frome Rotary looking to return with their fireworks event

Each project produced a video which was shared through a variety of channels and residents were invited to ask questions and rate the projects. For those without internet access voting was also available at The Town Hall. Earlier this month, 400 year 8 students from Steiner Academy, Critchill, Selwood and Oakfield also cast their votes at the Make it Happen youth conference, accounting for 30% of the final results.

And the winners were…

Frome Children’s Festival with activities for their summer event, Frome fireworks after their very popular event last year, Fair Housing for Frome and the Big Red Housing Bus for Frome and lastly Active and In Touch with their thanksgiving celebration. All the events are due to take place over the next 12 months.

Mayor Rich Ackroyd said “We couldn’t do this at all without local organisations putting their ideas forward, most of which have been working hard to create a stronger community in Frome for years.  Some of these events have happened before in Frome, and people were obviously keen to see them repeated. Others are completely new, so it’s exciting that the town saw the potential in those too. Interestingly, the Make it Happen Youth Conference results reflected exactly the same results as the wider residents survey.”

Watch this space as more information will be available about each event closer to the time:  the big red Housing bus will be coming to an area near you in April.

25 March 2019
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19 January 2021
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