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Response to the Planning Application at Packsaddle Way

The Planning Advisory Group meeting on 15th March discussed application 2018/0256/OTA

Outline application with all matters reserved save for access, for a residential scheme of 96 mixed tenure dwellings, market and affordable, custom market and affordable, co-housing and live work dwellings with work units.

Land At Packsaddle Way, Frome.

We have submitted an objection to the application and as promised there are a list of issues below that residents should consider as part of any objection:

  • The application is premature in advance of the Local Plan Part 2 site allocations, therefore the site is outside of the development limits.
  • Mendip’s own report assess the site as  – not suitable for development
  • The site is unsuitable for allocation due to its landscape impact. This is primarily due to its location beyond the ridge line north and west of Frome, in an area of rural character. It is also poorly related to the settlement form and is distant from many facilities and services
  • There is unsuitable/dangerous access from Innox Hill
  • The ecology report contains insufficient detail, with no provision in the indicative master plan for mitigating habitat creation. The bat activity surveys should cover the period April to October in any one year.

Comments should be submitted by Mon 02 Apr 2018, which is the date that the site notice expires.

27 March 2018
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19 January 2021
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