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Positive solutions for Car Parking in Frome

Frome Town Council recently held a car parking event at the Town Hall which aimed to focus on the three main areas of concern:  residential, business & retail, and car parks.

Concerns included issues such as the loss of car parking spaces in Frome, both free and through the increase in charges; inconsiderate parking, particularly on junctions; parking enforcement being inadequate and a lack of provision for deliveries and staff parking.

The meeting however was largely positive and led to a number of solutions being discussed such as car share apps such as Park in my drive, the possibility of schemes such as a park and ride system and residents parking.

Deputy Mayor Mark Dorrington said ‘We are pleased to have a better understanding of what the issues are for local people.  It is great that we were able to focus on solutions rather than problems in what was an interesting and positive event.  Hopefully this will feed into a useful toolbox for people experiencing problems with parking going forward.”

Anna Francis also spoke regarding some of the sustainable transport solutions that might lead to fewer cars such as public transport, e-bikes, community transport and co wheels.

A full report and creating a tool box of solutions is the next step.  For further info please contact Jane Llewellyn.

12 June 2018
Last Updated
19 January 2021
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