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Paul Hannaford – drug awareness at Frome Town Hall

Paul Hannaford came to Frome this week as part of a drug initiative being launched in Frome to engage young people in discussion around some of the serious social issues that they may face. 
The event included Paul talking to all students at Frome College and an event for parents at Frome Town Hall.  It was free and featured Paul Hannaford, an ex-addict who has a wealth of experience in talking with his real-life insight about drug addition, alcohol, gang life, gun & knife crime, prison life, self-harm & bullying.  Paul has spoken to over 300,000 young people about his experiences with crime, and his ‘insider’s view’ of the realities of drugs misuse and crime act as a real deterrent for young people that may be at risk of similar experiences.

Community Projects Officer Kate Hellard said:  “This is the start of partnership to look at ways to raise awareness of the issues that some of our young people will face and ways to protect and prevent our young people moving down these well documented paths – watch the space for further joint initiatives”.  The event was a jointly funded by Avon & Somerset Police, Frome Town Council and Frome College
View the film of Paul’s talk at the Town Hall below

25 January 2019
Last Updated
19 January 2021
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