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Neighbourhoods coming together

Does your street have a neighbourhood group?  Is it part of a larger one?

Neighbourhood support networks have been springing up all over Frome since lockdown due to Covid-19. The community response has been inspiring. Now there is a move to map all the neighbourhood groups across Frome so they can link up and share information and ideas. This has the potential to help us build stronger, more resilient communities within Frome for whatever the future holds. So far Frome Town Council have heard from 20 street networks in Frome, all supporting their neighbours in a variety of ways.

We have seen that people have been setting up their own systems to communicate with each other and offer help where needed. By mapping these groups and identifying local organisers it will be possible to create wider networks for people to exchange ideas and information.

How this network develops will depend on what people need from it but street organisers could be the listening ear of their community bringing issues and suggestions to the network for discussion and learning.

Councillor Sheila Gore said; “We would love to hear from anyone involved in running a street group in whatever form, whether it be on Whatsapp, by email or a Facebook/Nextdoor group. Ultimately each street will have their own ways of doing things and organising themselves and we do not want to interfere with that but work with you to share ideas and resources across the town in order to support residents in the coming weeks and months”.

If you are involved in running a street or neighbourhood network please get in touch and complete the simple form on our Neighbourhood Groups page  so that we can link you into a wider network of groups.

Published 21/04/20

21 April 2020
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21 April 2020
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