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Moving forward with parks and open spaces

Following the Parks meeting which took place at the end of January the Council has now prepared 3 summaries for the next steps of some of the open spaces we manage: Victoria Park, Mary Baily playingfield, and the Old Showfield.

We had lots to work through – with over 100 people at the meeting itself; plus all of the other comments, questions and suggestions that came in leading up to the meeting. We would like to say a big thanks to everyone who came along and contributed.

Chris Stringer Environment Manager said “In writing up the summaries we necessarily focused on the topics that were raised by lots of people; and the consensus and popular opinions. We also had in mind an obvious fundamental: that public places are there for everybody, but that different people enjoy spaces in different ways.”

If you have any queries about the summaries or the plans you can get in touch with Chris Stringer on 01373 465757. The March Council meeting will be themed around open spaces, so this work will be discussed then.

If you are interested in the land at Foundry Barton, we are holding a public design meeting at 10am on Saturday 12 March at the Canoe Club (by the Cheese & Grain). You can register your interest by contacting poultonl@frometowncouncil.gov.uk or by calling 01373 465757

We have placed the current versions of the combined plan for Victoria Park & Mary Baily playingfield and the first draft plan for theOld Showfield here on our webiste.

These were the plans that were discussed on the day – but as noted in all three summaries we’re updating these plans ready for discussion at March’s Council meeting. As such a new set of plans is coming together right now – to include the changes suggested at the meeting.

Summary – Victoria Park

Summary – Mary Baily

Summary – The Old Showfield

Joint Plan – Victoria Park Mary Baily

Plan – The Old Showfield

29 February 2016
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19 January 2021
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