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Coronavirus Pandemic: Frome Town Council’s Mission Statement

Frome Town Council’s Strategic Plan includes in its vision for Frome, the intention to build a positive and inclusive town where no-one gets left behind. We find ourselves in unique times, but this doesn’t mean we will lose sight of our strategic goals. To this end, we have produced the statement below describing how we will support our community now while continuing to be guided by our Strategic Plan:

” Frome Town Council will primarily promote to the community the message that your five nearest neighbours, families and friends are the first line of defence against the impacts of self-isolation resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. For those without this local support network, Frome Town Council staff and Councillors will work with and support other local organisations and volunteers in the town to identify the people most at risk of being without food or essential medicine and help to try to find ways to support their needs.”

Alongside Mendip Health Connections Frome Town Council will also provide a signposting service providing information to the community, including local businesses.

Updated 7th April 2020

4 April 2020
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7 February 2021
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