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Mayor’s column 9 November

This is the time of the year when we remember all those who have died during war and are involved in the services. The poppy is a constant reminder in the days running up to the 12th and the service outside the Memorial Theatre invites us to come together. Charlie, the statue of the soldier cast by Singers factory in Frome, is the focus for the event. Charlie was a real person who worked at Singers and after returning from the First World War agreed to be the model for the factory statue. Like many of those involved in war he wasn’t keen to talk about his experiences. I don’t suppose many are, that’s why the remembrance service is so powerful I think. When there you don’t have to talk about your thoughts, what ever you feel about war and it’s consequences, but standing together is a strong and simple message… you remember those involved.

It seems a bit odd to jump from such an emotional subject to the next but here goes…

Frome Town Council takes seriously the health and wellbeing of everyone in the town. The congested market place with cars idling and polluting the atmosphere is a problem. We want and need clean and healthy town air. If you occasionally need a car, especially for short trips then hiring the town’s electric e car is a cost effective possibility. I tried the electric bike earlier this year and was amazed how easy it was to pedal up Catherine Hill. Batteries can be solar power recharged in town. This sort of technology needs to be the way of the future so come and see what’s available at the Cheese and Grain on Sunday. Not only can you find out more about electric vehicles but you can watch and help cycle power, the showing of the film Labyrinth!

9 November 2017
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23 January 2021
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