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Mayor’s column 3 February 2022

Thank goodness that January is over, why does it always feel like it’s the longest month of the year!? After all the good times at Christmas it can feel like January can drag, especially when you’re waiting for pay day.

But what if your circumstances have changed and you’re out of work at the moment, or have had reduced hours or been unwell and not able to work? We’re all seeing our bills increasing but strangely our wages are still staying the same. We’re seeing evidence of price rises in food and energy, not to mention the extra heating we may need at this time of year – it all has an impact on our wallets. So, I was heartened to see a new collaboration between Citizen Advice Bureau and Somerset County Council. They’re offering winter household support fund which will help to provide short-term financial support to households struggling with the cost of essentials such as food, energy, water bills etc. during the winter. If your household is struggling then please get in touch with them, there’s a simple form to fill in but it could help: https://hsf.citizensadvicesomerset.org.uk/

We seen some cold snaps recently, but I suspect it will get colder before we see a hint of spring – I mean, we’ve not had any snow yet either. I know I’ve mentioned this before but the work that the Centre for Sustainable Energy do in partnership with Frome Town Council in providing information on how homes can be healthy, warm and energy efficient is brilliant. They’re doing some further drop-in sessions in this month; the advice is all free and they will have some helpful tips. If you know of someone who is struggling at the moment, whether their boiler has broken or they’re having issues with a cold home, FTC still have their Winter Warmth Packs available. They can be picked up from reception at the Town Hall and include a blanket, gloves, hat, scarf, a thermos mug and some hot chocolate. All the details about the CSE sessions and the packs can be found at www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/healthy-homes Until the next column, stay safe, warm and well folks.

3 February 2022
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3 February 2022
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