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Mayor’s column 28 September

I’m not sure how or why I have been drawn recently to watch TV programmes about the horrific times of Partition in India. I have no known connection with the culture or time but I think it was the notion of emotion lingering down the generations that was the hook.

Hinterland, the current exhibition at the Black Swan, touches on this theme. It is a very moving response to family history and grief is at its heart. The artist, Gladys Paulus, has created stunning pieces which I felt were like armour for her relatives. Even the delicate wedding veil seemed to be protective.

It is well known that it is important to express how you feel. It could be by telling the story to someone or writing or listening to stories that help you understand your feelings. Writing doesn’t come easy to me so to see how you could work through how you feel by making something was wonderful. Hundreds of artists will be showing their work, from now till mid October, as part of Somerset Art Works festival. Not all will be as touching and personal as Hinterland but it is another opportunity to see how to communicate a feeling or idea or vision.

Many of you will know the work of WHY… We Hear You. It is the Frome based charity that supports people facing a threatening illness. They may have helped you or your family cope with the news that you or a loved one have cancer. Speaking to the skilled staff at WHY… is another way to help cope with grief. These charities always need money to carry on with the valuable work that they do. WHY… is putting on a masked ball this Friday to entice our support. So, feeling a bit like Cinderella I’m off to the ball!

28 September 2017
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23 January 2021
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