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Mayor’s Column 27 December 2018

Saving for a holiday, losing some weight, getting active and drinking less – sound familiar?  Yes, it’s time for those New Year resolutions again, the ones that very few of us actually stick to beyond a few weeks. Of course, achieving our goals depends in large part on how much time and effort we put in to making them happen.  Nothing is easy without thorough planning.

In the same way that individuals make plans for the New Year, our local councils are currently creating work plans and deciding budgets for 2019.  With falling real income levels and rising costs, councils will need to be even smarter and more efficient than ever this year. Councils that plan ahead and resolve to think in a more open, transparent way make positive change happen more often, and more effectively.  Frome Town Council will continue to make all of its plans and financial records accessible to the public.  We have nothing to hide and even if some people might disagree with our choices, they can at least challenge them.

In law, the only things that a Town Council has to do are hold one public meeting a year and to make provision for allotments.  I think you’ll agree that FTC already does far more than that. Thinking of the future, FTC will resolve to be ever more resilient and will take proactive steps to safeguard our community organizations.  We will try to adapt to extreme challenges imposed by Government cuts to local services – but without any political grandstanding. We’ll continue to improve the town’s open spaces and support the economic regeneration of the town.  Basically we’ll continue to punch above our weight because we think that Frome deserves it.

Meanwhile, I hope that your own New Year resolutions are successful.  A very happy and prosperous New Year to you all.

27 December 2018
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23 January 2021
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