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Mayors Column 24 August

I mentioned last week that I was on holiday 20 minutes away from Frome. To be honest I could have been in France or India or on the moon. I know the weather could have been better to make things more relaxing and the sea could have been within reach to make the location perfect but I had the same feelings of being ‘away’. I didn’t really need to get in a plane or go far.

The phone couldn’t get a signal. Yes, to get broadband in this part of Somerset I had to wander up hill to get reception! Mind you I was happy not to be in touch. I wasn’t receiving e-mail thank goodness. It’s good to have a break from that chatter and I wasn’t reading papers so I could have been almost any where.

A holiday for me is about shedding some responsibility and duty for a while giving me space to live a bit differently. I woke up later than usual… could take time over breakfast and I was amongst sociable people which for me is important.

Being near by there were lots of people from Frome. Some I know well, with others I’ve only ever had brief chat. On holiday I could take time to have a real conversation and swap some more meaningful thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Because an astronomer had brought a telescope to camp, I saw Saturn and it’s rings for real not just as a picture and because the rain clouds parted, just in time, I could watch shooting stars for hours. I gradually relaxed, a must for a holiday experience, so was able to look back at what I do for the rest of the year and decide on some of the things I want to do and changes I want to make.

24 August 2017
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23 January 2021
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