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Mayor’s column 23 May 2023

So here we are!

This is my first column as Mayor of Frome. I feel very privileged to have been elected Mayor in such an amazing town as Frome. I have enjoyed my year as Deputy Mayor and must say a huge thank you to Sara Butler, fondly referred to as “M”.

Sara took on the role of Mayor with such energy and enthusiasm and, of course, plenty of glitter. Her love for Frome is inbounding and while taking the role of Mayor seriously, she is the most kind and caring person.

Sara has been a brilliant role model, mentor and friend. I trust she will always be there to help guide me and, on occasion but not too often, heckle in her councillor role.

I would like to congratulate Andy Jones who has been elected Deputy Mayor. Andy is a very active Councillor and is involved in many different organisations and groups in Frome – Open Gardens, School Governor, Frome Festival, to mention a few. I very much respect Andy as a colleague and friend. He will be a great Deputy and I value his support, help and advice in the coming year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anita Collier. She has been an inspiration to me and true friend. Anita has supported me and has always been there for a coffee and a chat; offering help and advice but never judging. I look forward to many more of our chats.

We still live in difficult times and the year ahead will be challenging for many within our community. But it is our very community that gives Frome its strength and unique character. 

As Deputy Mayor I was able to meet so many incredible people – individuals and those within organisations, who work tirelessly to help and support our town. This, to me, demonstrates the kindness and care the people of Frome have for each other. It is this kind of resilience that strengthens Frome and makes it the amazing place that it is.

It’s so good to see the vibrant and creative nature of Frome continue to grow and thrive. This is vitally important for our town to retain our independent businesses, creative arts and much more. Encouraging and supporting young people to flourish and remain in our town is also a priority. I am looking forward to supporting and helping them realise their full potential. 

My aim in the coming year is to work to support you, the community of Frome, in any way that I can. To help promote and celebrate the many organisations and groups that do so much for so many and to act as a voice for those who need it.

I start the year with excitement and optimism; I am honoured to be able to do this and I look forward to meeting many new people doing amazing things in this wonderful town.

23 May 2023
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23 May 2023
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