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Mayor’s column 22 February

The fantastic team that give us the Children’s festival events throughout the year ran an action packed series of events during the half term last week. I have the great pleasure of looking after a toddler once a week. It was a wet morning last Wednesday, going to the playground to kick a ball around wasn’t really on and so we went off to ‘messy play’ upstairs at the Cheese and Grain. Humm… messy play… I wondered if it was a good idea? Outside the room all the kids seemed to know what to do… shoes off and just get stuck in. Once I’d got over being nervous about clothes getting mucky I loved it… slimy green stuff to roll balls in, a big foam tray, paint, coloured rice to pour from one thing to another, I was astonished that we didn’t get covered in goo. It was lovely just to be one of the many kids (and adults) playing, absorbed, no particular aim involved simply experiencing and seeing what happened.

It could be argued that getting out in the garden is the adult version of ‘messy play’ and this Sunday is the brilliant opportunity to gather what you need to play this year. It’s Potato Day at the Cheese and Grain. You’ll be able to get your seed potatoes but that’s not all. Local growers bring seeds to swap or sell and there will be other veg and fruit plants, workshops, delicious food and way more than I can list here.

And there is loads more creative play going on in town to get ready for the first Window Wonderland in Frome. Over a hundred houses are taking part by displaying designs lit by their house lights. Pick up a map at the town hall or Discover Frome and get out one evening this weekend to see spectacular, inventive, homemade art.

22 February 2018
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23 January 2021
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