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Community benefits our health: OFFICIAL

The excellent work of Frome Medical Practice and Health Connections Mendip and community groups such as Frome Men’s Shed highlighted has been highlighted today in the national press.  Preliminary trials from a study published  in Resurgence & Ecologist have indicated that when isolated people who have health problems are supported by community groups and volunteers, the number of emergency admissions to hospital falls spectacularly.  The trial is an early indication and is yet to be submitted be  to the medical journal for publication but the initial findings are startling:  building a more passionate community benefits our health.

Frome Town Council help fund the Health Connectors to help people plan their own care, and most interestingly trained voluntary “community connectors” to help their patients find the support they needed.  The aim was to break  cycle of misery: illness reduces people’s ability to socialise, which leads in turn to isolation and loneliness, which then exacerbates illness.  The health connections Mendip work closely with the practise and health connectors to help improve residents levels of connectivity.

It is excellent to see that the team are making a real difference to residents.

To quote George Monbiot ‘Frome has a buzz of sociability, a sense of common purpose and a creative, exciting atmosphere that make it feel quite different from many English market towns.’

To read the full article go to www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/21/town-cure-illness-community-frome-somerset-isolation

To get connected with the health connectors go to https://healthconnectionsmendip.org

21 February 2018
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21 February 2018
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