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Mayors Column 2 November

A big thank you to everyone that took part in the great events at the Big Mix – Frome’s Disability Diversity Day that was at the Hubnub on Wittox lane last Sunday. Open storytellers organised the day with money that you voted to them as part of the Town Council’s Particapative Budgeting day. The Big Mix hosted story telling of all sorts. Performance, music, rap, art work, photos, film, workshops, drumming (yes, they can tell stories too), there was masses going on.

It really got me thinking about the importance of being able to tell your story… to express yourself. So the story could be a traditional fable that teaches you how to be a friend or be brave or meet a challenge of some sort. Or it could just be, possibly more importantly, a story about yourself.

These articles I write every week are my story and I must say that though they were for me the most anxious making part of this job, they are now one of the most enjoyable. They really challenge me to think about what has happening around me and wonder what I think about it all. Strangely enough this makes me feel good!

As a receiver of stories I particularly like ones that provoke me… a photograph is intriguing when it is more than just a perfect record. I love adverts for the concise imaginative stories that they can tell.

At the Black Swan Open, starting this week, 56 artists have been chosen to display their work. Challenging, intriguing or good fun there is a great range on display. Judges have made their choice but one prize remains… the People’s Choice. This is your chance to find the art work that speaks to you conveying an emotion or idea and vote for your favourite piece.

Credit to Io Fox for the photo

2 November 2017
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23 January 2021
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